Internet Explorer blocked website with security certificate errors

Security certificates are used to authenticate websites and provide a peace of mind to the users browsing the webpage. If those security certificates are not up to date or have expired, it could be unsafe to visit those website because they’ve not been verified as safe and secured. Internet Explorer will display an error message in the Notification Bar, located at the bottom, to warn the users of potential malicious website.

Internet Explorer Security Certificate

Security certificate errors on a legitimate site. Why Internet Explorer?

If you happens to land on a suspicious site, a site you don’t recognized and a security certificate errors appear, you should navigate away and should not proceed any further. The site may contain malicious code to infect and take control of your computer.

But there are rare occasion when you visit a legitimate site, let’s say Wincodex or Microsoft, Internet Explorer will still display a security certificate errors similar to:

Internet Explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors.

If you click Show content, Internet Explorer will display the website’s content and ignore the security certificate errors. You should only do so if the site you’re visiting is a trusted site that you recognized. The error message won’t appear again if you click Show content and continue to browse the web. But it will display the error message again if you restart Internet Explorer.

The annoying part is when the security errors always popup. No matter what websites you visit, notification bar will give you a security certificate errors. The most common problem associated with this kind of annoyance is an expired certificate. Not the certificate itself, but they date set on your computer that’s interfering with Internet Explorer verification procedure.

You need to change your computer system clock to fix the security certificate errors and here’s how:

For Windows 8 and Windows RT, switch to the desktop from Start screen by pressing the Windows logo on your keyboard or swipe in from right edge and tap Windows logo. Click the time and date in the lower-right corner of the system tray. Now click Change date and time settings..

Change Computer Date and Time

In “Date and Time” window, select Change date and time…

Computer Time and Date Settings

In “Date and Time Settings”, click or tap the month year twice to display only the years. Notice how the year was set back in time, to year 2010. Internet Explorer saw the certificate was stamped for 2010 and threw you the security certificate errors.

Computer TIme and Date, Month and Year

The next screen should looks like this after you click month year twice. Now you must select the current year. This article was written in 2013 so I must select 2013 as the current year. Click OK to save and then OK for the remaining window to save. Perfect, no more annoying security certificate errors.

Computer Time and Date Year

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