Personalize Start screen background and color in Windows 8
Start Screen Personalize

Start Screen Personalize

Windows 8 and Windows RT offer more places to show your favorite pictures and colors besides the Lock screen. You can change the background and color in the Start screen. You are limited to 20 background images that you can choose from and you cannot choose your own. Windows allows you to select an accent color during the installation but if you later decides to change your mind, you can still change the color. The color you choose will shows up in a few other places, like the Charms, desktop tile, Start screen and the sign-in screen. Personalize the Desktop background the same way you would on Windows 7.

Here’s how to personalize Start screen.

In Start screen, move mouse to upper-right corner and move down or swipe in from right edge to access Charms. Select Settings.

Start Screen Settings

Select Change PC settings.

PC Settings

Click Start screen to switch from Lock screen and you should see the image below. Now work your magic.


Change color

This is Windows 8 and Windows RT accent colors. Windows will mix and match colors so that you’ll be able to see and read text regardless of the color you pick. The Primary color is shown in the middle and shows up in Charms Windows logo, highlighted text and desktop tile. The Secondary color is shown outside the Primary color and only appear in Start screen.


Change background

Windows uses the 1st photo as the default background when you sign-in to Windows for the first time. There are 20 backgrounds to choose from. Certain background will retain the Secondary color you pick from above while other background will display all colors of the rainbow.

Personalize Background

Preview changes

Mix and match your accent color and background to see what they look like before you decides to keep it. Windows will show you how the Secondary color and background image will blend together. The Primary color is only use to highlight and display text throughout Windows.

Personalize Preview

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