Windows 8: Increase tile and text size or make items bigger

Windows 8 introduced to the world a new Modern UI environment with a brand new Start screen with live tiles.  Start screen is connected to a person, app, website, playlist, or whatever else is important to you.  You’re not one who thinks the font in Modern UI is tad too small. You can’t go to the desktop Control Panel and change the size of all items to 125% or 150%. You’re only changing the desktop size not items in the Modern UI.

Start Screen

You can’t change the percentage of text and other items in the Modern UI. You can only make everything bigger on your screen. Yep, you can only make tile and text bigger by one size and you don’t get to choose. For example, my screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 shows 4 rows of tiles. If I make everything bigger on my screen, it decrease to 3 rows of tiles. Text in Search charm will get bigger as well.

Modern UI Start Screen Bigger

All in all, this method will increase your tile and text size as well as items on every apps. The News app went from 3 rows to 1.5 row.

News App Bigger

Here’s how to increase tile and text size

Move mouse to upper-right corner and move down or swipe in from right edge to access Charms. Select Settings.

Start Screen Settings

Select Change PC settings.

PC Settings

On the left panel select Ease of Access. Look for the second option, Make everything on your screen bigger. Toggle that ON and everything in Modern UI should look very ginormous.

Ease of Access

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